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The idiomatic expression “What came first the chicken or the egg” is met with uncertainty. Likewise, uncertainty centers around whether we were spirit first or body. In that very moment when the fertilization takes place, that Divine spirit, the Soul, the And man, whatever you call it, facilitates the conception of life. So first comes life, that one single cell, and around this cell, around what is known as a
zygote, the body is created.


It is in the spirit that we have communion and fellowship with God, our spirit gives us intuition between right and wrong and is the missing link to having a quality life. Understandably, this is scarcely emphasized in the secular institutions. Religious organization provides an overview but off times, extensive and intensive studying is generally sought by those curious and is mainly self-taught. For most it is difficult to reckon that individuals are spirit, connected to a higher realm, dimension, if you will.
For this reason, the spirit becomes under nourish and seen less significant in comparison to the body.
The human spirit is the deepest part of a person. By means of this innermost part, we can contact God in the spiritual realm. No other creature was created by God with this first part.

Every human being is tri-part, 3 dimensional, with most recognizing the body, and erroneously, believing the spirit and soul are the same. Not recognizing the holistic makeup reflects ones outlook on life. Even more, understanding the mechanics of
being balance and whole, feeding the spirit, soul and body is essential to your very existence and perception of life. Frankly, the quality of life is at state. Living in the prosperity of hope or entrench with helplessness, combatting pessimistic or
optimism exhibiting fear or faith, engaging as a winner or failure, fighting good and evil are clear cut choices and the difference between having a dreadful, unfulfilled, purposeless life to one divine, fulfill, and purposeful.


Take Away: The human spirit is the deepest part of a person. By means of this innermost part, we can contact God in the spiritual realm. No other creature was created by God with this first part.


Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

 Our body exists in and contacts the tangible things of the material world using our
five physical senses. The body is the visible, external part of our being, and it
contains the soul. Our soul is the vessel containing our spirit.

We were duked. The body is all about self. It wants what it wants. It’s the fleshy side
of us and governed by the fallen nature of man. Remember Adam and Eve, the
fruit, the consequence and the punishment that followed. Diets, balance meals,
nutritional planning are fixation for mankind and their physical wellbeing. This goes
along with exercise, physical gratification indulgence are all associated with feeding
the body to gratify the five senses, eyes, ear, smell, touch and taste. It lust for power,
indulges in fleshly appetite and lust for the pride of life.


Take Away: By nature, flesh is undisciplined, can’t decipher between evil or good,
driven and influence by the world’s values and enjoys evil


Yoga teaching

“The soul is our very self (cf. Matt. 16:26; Luke 9:25), a medium between our spirit and our body, possessing self-consciousness, that we may have our personality.” Our soul perceives things in the psychological realm. In fact, in Greek—the original language of the New Testament—the word for soul is psuche, which is also the root word of psychology.

Feeling helpless or hopeful, garbage in garbage out, whatever you feed your soul will
determine a “balance” you. The soul houses what is being transmitted by the body and spirit and is the central station of the mind, will and emotion, storing conscious and subconscious matters. The combination of characteristics or qualities forms an individual distinct character is what gives us personality, and it is through our soulwe live out our relationship with God, with other people and with our self.


Take away: Our soul is our personality, who we are. With our soul we think, reason,
consider, remember, and wonder. We experience emotions like happiness, love,
sorrow, anger, relief, and compassion. And we’re able to resolve, choose, and make

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