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About us

BTW Life Ministry embraces the greeting in III John 1:2 and sends positive
messages your way. Dear Friend, I wish above all things that you will prosper, and
be in health, even as your soul prospers.

In 2013, BTW Life Ministry was founded by Dr. Char, Dennis Johnson, and Helen
Phillips Rush with a mission to go after the “one” lost sheep, using non-traditional
methods and venues to spread hope, and uplift individuals in the community.
Community partners, families, friends, and religious leaders join in on the boots-on-
the-ground strategy and took the gospel of hope to the community. While the team
remained the same, in 2014, the mission changed to connect with the growing
challenges faced by families. A comprehensive plan was developed to include a
wholistic approach representing the needs of the body, the needs of the soul and
needs of the Spirit.

TEAM: Char and her team epitomize the community they target. Their families and
their generations are faces acquainted with trauma and crises. Collectively, this
team is uniquely experienced and academically qualified as well. All team members
grew up in the urban community and are former Chicagoans. They have a post-
secondary education in helping and human services with Dr. Char earning a
Bachelor’s in Organizational Management and Development, a Master’s in
Rehabilitation Counselling, and Doctorate in Christian Counselling.


The team embraces these times and works with a sense of urgency to save one person
and reach one generation. They hold fast to biblical truth “one can chase a thousand
and two can put 10,000 to a flight” (Deuteronomy 32:30),

PROBLEM: All too common, sudden, onset illness, trauma, crises e.g. Violence,
child abuse, abandonment, hatred, racism, incest, addictions and injustice invade the
lives of many. Believers in God are not exempt from this reality. In the religious
spectrum, countless believers were taught the “feel good” message in the sanctuary
and very little guidance toward healing their wounded souls. Thus, once leaving the
sanctuary life hits, and not having the tools to sustain their faith, they faked their faith
in the church and faint behind the walls. Eventually, the individual starts to believe
that even the church or God cannot deliver them. Sadly, a small number of churches
have the strategy, capacity, vision, and forward-thinking leadership to deal with this

SOLUTION: Specializing in managing trauma and crises, BTW Life Ministry focuses
on individual self-growth and generation building. In addition to modeling practical
methods toward reaching your God-given potential, Tri-Harmony (Spirit, Soul, Body)
Empowerment System (THES) was strategically developed.

Tri-Harmony Empowerment System (THES) was uniquely designed as the method of
wholeness and the core to discovering, uncovering, restoring, and empowering the
composition of spirit, soul, and body. Dr. Char believes by knowing what I am shed light on
who I am and where I am planted is an indication of my purpose and is the answer to my
why and the solution to my how. What: Human beings were made in the image of God as
creatures of free will with the capacity to relinquish dominion and authority to take it back.
Who: Man is on loan to serve as an ambassador for God and to display the Glory of God.
Where: Earth is where God gave mankind dominion over good and evil. The “earth is the
theater for God’s ultimate victory over Satan and the fallen angels”. The Why: Satan wants
to defy God by ruling the earth. The vessels God created then become the target that Satan
intends to destroy. Doing so, Satan believes this will destroy God and create followers in the
Kingdom of Satan rather than the Kingdom of God. How: Satan learns man’s weaknesses
which include lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Since Satan cannot
control your Spirit, he entices and influences the flesh. Getting a man to fulfill his fleshy
needs will weaken the spiritual side of man, and the soul will only have the flesh to reckon
with. Whose purpose will you then fulfill? Fleshy purpose without spiritual guidance will
result in unbalanced living and feeling, never meeting your God-given purpose.

our leaders:
SR. Pastor Dennis Johnson
Helen  pic.jpg
Helen Phillips Rush
Co-Pastor Dr. Charlene Johnson
Missionary Mary Phillips Topeka Ks.jpg
Mary Phillips
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