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The Problem 

 All too common, sudden, onset illness, trauma, crises e.g. Violence,
child abuse, rejection, hatred, racism, incest, addictions and injustice invade the lives of many. Believers of God are not exempt from this reality. In the religious spectrum, countless believers were taught the “feel good” message in the sanctuary and very little guidance toward healing their wounded soul. Thus, once leaving the sanctuary life hits and not having the tools to sustain their faith, they faked their faith in church and fainted behind the walls. Eventually the individual starts to believe that even church or God cannot deliver them. Sadly, limited number of churches has the
capacity, vision, leadership abilities or the strategy to deal with this generation.

The solution 

SOLUTION: Specializing in managing trauma and crises, BTW Life Ministry focuses on individual self-growth and generation building. In addition to modeling practical methods toward reaching your God given potential, Three-Part Harmony (Spirit, Soul, Body) Empowerment System (3PHES) was uniquely designed as the method of wholeness and the core to discovering, uncovering, restoring and empowering the composition of spirit, soul and body. "By knowing who I am helps with what I am and where I go is an indication to how I end and is the answer to my why," says Dr. Char. Human beings are made as creatures of free will with the
capacity to relinquish power and authority to take it back.

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Pastor Sydney E Grandberry & Missionary Gloria Grandberry - Chicago

Pastor Sydney E Grandberry & Missionary Gloria Grandberry Chicago

Missionary Gail Dexter Fayetteville NC

Missionary Gail Dexter -Fayetteville NC

Sister La Tangia Moore Emmanuel Temple Church of the Living God

Sister La Tangia Moore Emmanuel Temple - Church of the Living God

Evanglist Michael Byrd  North Carolina

Evanglist Michael Byrd -North Carolina

Elder Helen Greer Alanta GA

Elder Helen Greer - Atlanta, GA

Missionary Judge Linzy Chicago

Missionary Judge Linzy -Chicago

Missn D Watkins Chicago

Missn D Watkins - Chicago

Pastor Robert E Byrd Tunica Miss

Pastor Robert E Byrd -Tunica,Miss

Missionary Mary Phillips Topeka Ks

Missionary Mary Phillips -Topeka, KS

Sister Theresa Echols chicago IL

Sister Theresa Echols -Chicago, IL

Missn Eula M Harris Chicago

Missn Eula M Harris -Chicago

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” 

Proverbs 19:17

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